About Kel1st

Randy “KEL1ST” Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City, and rapidly emerged as one of the masters of "Wild Style" lettering in the graffiti revolution of the 1970s. As the new art form called “Hip-Hop” was created, KEL1st quickly became recognized as a cultural icon, and a master of graffiti by his peers and art critics alike. He was featured in the cult classic, “STYLE WARS,” the first film documenting Hip-Hop cultural innovation, and is highly regarded as a member of one of the most prolific graffiti crews known as the ROCSTARS. Over the last 40 years, his work has appeared in museums, galleries and auctions around the world and is a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
“Graffiti has always been about elevating your personal brand, we were the new mad men of the hood. Today social networks we created are influential in many areas of media, fashion, design and art. It expands the reach we have with every leap forward in technology.”
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